Rewarding Employees With Special Scented Candles and Gift Baskets

If you are looking for a fun and effective way to reward your employees, a custom scented candle may help you accomplish that goal. Candles can be made in a variety of shapes and colors that your workers will enjoy. If you know that your best salesperson over the past week loves the color purple, you can give a purple candle adorned with your company logo as well as the reason for giving the candle.

The candle itself can either be the gift that your employee receives or be part of a larger package that you provide. For instance, the candle could be the centerpiece of a gift basket that also has bath salts or chocolate in it. Another option may be to create a Mother’s Day gift basket to recognize a new mother within the organization and show her that you appreciate and support her in her newest endeavor.

Do you have an employee who likes a certain soft drink, beer or any other recognizable brand? If so, you may want to look into turning recycled cans into candles with logos of your employee’s favorite product on them. It may be a more appropriate way to use a candle to recognize a male employee for a job well done.

Employee recognition is important for morale throughout the organization. It says that you care about what they do and you want everyone to know about their contributions. Through candles, gift baskets and other specialty gifts, you can give them something that they can use and is tailored to their interests.


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