Specialty Gifts: The Holistic Benefits of All-Natural Soap Products

The skin absorbs a huge amount of chemicals, toxins and other pollutants that harm the body. The commercial products people use to bathe and moisturize their skin are even more harmful than those floating in the air.

However, the skin can also be a gateway for essential minerals and nutrients that will help keep it and the body healthy. Bathing using all-natural organic handmade soap is a great alternative to commercial soap. Ditch that chemical-laden beauty bar and enjoy these benefits of using natural soap.

Nature is the Ultimate Source

Soap artisans think out of the box when creating soap. Because nature is their ultimate source of ingredients, the possibilities are endless. Everything that goes in the soap mix and mold is natural, including the scent, the fat, the main and essential oils, the extracts and whatnot. Since nature is the source, you can choose from a variety of ingredients. You can even make your own bar at home.

The traditional process itself is natural. Both the cold and hot processes of making soap do not involve chemicals and unnatural methods, just pure artisanal work. Perhaps the only machine soap makers use is a blender; sometimes a microwave.

Great for Sensitive Skin

Glycerin is a natural byproduct of what is called the saponification process or when the fats or oils and lye are blended together. It acts as the moisturizer in soap so that it does not cause the skin to dry. Commercial producers remove the glycerin and use it for other profitable products, such as lotions and facial creams.

On the other hand, natural soap-makers keep all of the glycerin in their final products and do not add lathering agents and chemicals. If you use natural handmade soap, your skin will not get irritated or dry out.

Good for the Environment

Natural, handmade soaps are chemical-free, which makes them harmless to the environment. No animals need to be harmed to test the toxicity level. This is especially true for organic products. Organic soap makers only use ingredients that have been grown organically, so you can make sure that there are no traces of pesticides and insecticides in your beauty bar. Natural soap makers are advocates of environmental conservation, and even with their specialty gifts and packaging materials, they go all natural.

So the next time you see a nice, creative bar of soap with the cute packaging and pleasing colors, make sure you grab one. They are meant to look appealing so you never buy another one of those commercial detergents they call soap.


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